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It always takes a lot of hard work for any athlete to realize their true potential. For some endurance athletes, for example, it can take literally decades of training to maximize the performance of the cardiovascular system. While other athletes might be able to reach their limits over shorter time horizons, the effort that goes into enabling that achievement is always considerable.

Many athletes today have, therefore, become interested in ways of producing more progress given a certain amount of investment. The appropriate use of blood testing for athletes is turning out to be one of the best ways of all to accomplish this.

Learning About the Body by Studying the Blood That Flows Throughout It

Of all the substances in the human body, blood is probably the most fundamental of all. Serving as a means of transportation for everything from oxygen and protein to glucose and hormones, human blood is a medium of absolutely critical significance.

Providers of quest diagnostics com can take a small sample and produce many interesting and potentially helpful insights. Some of the most important and commonly significant findings include:

Red blood cell counts and replenishment rates. While levels vary from one athlete to the next, everyone who hopes to compete at a high level will testing benefit from having many red blood cells ready to help out. A lack of these important carriers of oxygen will prevent that crucial supply from reaching the parts of the body that are straining most intensely, dragging athletic performance down.

Hormone levels. Hormones like testosterone play important roles in the bodies of athletes of both genders. How a person's body responds to training will often depend on hormonal supplies and interactions. The use of athlete blood testing can help identify when it might make sense to taper a training regimen back or to accelerate it, instead.

Nutrient supplies and metabolic uptake. Just as the body needs oxygen to be able to exert itself and perform in athletic terms, so does it depend on a wide range of nutrients to remain in peak condition. Comprehensive blood testing for athletes can reveal whether a given individual's body has all the supplies it needs to excel.

With many other factors revealing themselves through this type of analysis, understanding how a particular athlete's body is currently functioning has become much easier than in the past. Athletes who benefit from insights like these and others can count on the hard work they inevitably put in producing even more impressive results.