Brube Bouw

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When people look at someone they often notice the lips or mouth first. Those first impressions are hindered when the lips are circled by lines. Even if the rest of the face is smooth the person can appear prematurely aged by these noticeable lines. Women also have to worry about the risk of their lipstick bleeding into these lines and further diminishing their look. Luckily, there are effective solutions that do not require surgery.

Why do these lines appear?

Perioral Rhytids, the medical name for wrinkles around the mouth, appear because of the movement of the mouth over time. Chewing, smiling and scowling all lead to the development of facial lines. If people smoke, drink from straws or perform other actions that cause them to pucker their mouth more frequently the lines will appear sooner and be deeper than they might have been otherwise.

How are wrinkles around the lips eliminated?

At facilities like christian cosmetics, they now use a product called Volbella. This is a Juvederm injectable formula that is now FDA approved for the use around the lips. Many people are already aware of what Juvederm is and how it works. Volbella Facial Injections work the same way. It is administered by injection to the area in need and plump up the skin and help to level out the dimpled areas of the wrinkles.

Is this method safe?

Using an injectable filler is always safe as long as it is done by a trained technician. At James Christian Cosmetics they are experienced in the use of many types of non-invasive cosmetic solutions that help people to take years off their appearance. A single consultation will determine if this is the right treatment and if any other services are needed to achieve the desired look.

One of the additional benefits of these injections is that they will also help to define and plump the lips at the same time. There are very few side effects other than the immediate swelling, redness and burning when the product is applied. Since hyaluronic acid, a common skin care product, is used for the injections there is no need to undergo an allergy test prior to the appointment. It is a temporary solution for wrinkles, like all injectable treatments, so regular appointments are needed to maintain the finished look. The product will last for about six months for most people. Contact James Christian Cosmetics for an appointment and to learn more.