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At times you really want to go to a picnic and if the weather's against you or it's not even summer you can always host a champagne picnic at home. In the following paragraphs, we're going to discuss about how to organize an indoor picnic, what champagnes to pick out and how to serve it. We're also going to discuss appetizers that are suited with this type of event.

Bring everything we'll mention here if you want a great picnic. For a typical indoor picnic, you'll need a large room or several rooms. Bring some blankets and floor pillows. A fireplace would be a good idea but it's not mandatory. Next to every blanket, there will be an ice bucket for champagne, some glasses and a plateau of appetizers. Also put some towels near the ice buckets so guests can dry the bottles before they pour the champagne. You can put all the blankets together so that everybody can join to play board games or any other fun activities.

Before you call everybody, go shopping and choose a good champagne for parties. A good choice would be any non-vintage Blanc de Blanc, or any other sparkling wine produced of mostly Chardonnay grapes. But don't hesitate to choose Rose, as it's a great party bubbly and women love it. Usually vintage champagnes are very expensive but if you choose a non-vintage sparkling wine you can find a good price even with renowned champagne brands such as Moet and Chandon, Bollinger and Freixenet.

When you're buying champagne don't forget that a bottle usually equals six glasses, so depending on how many people will be there, choose a whole case or more. You're going to need several ice buckets. Before you prepare the ice buckets make sure you've chilled the sparkling wine in the fridge for at least three hours. Fill the buckets with ice and water and leave some space for the bottles. Put the bottles inside fifteen minutes before the guests arrive. Bring the appetizers. You might already know that fish suits white wine and sparkling wine, so bring a plateau with white fish fillet, oysters, lobsters or caviar. For the afters, you should get chocolate candy or ice-cream and enjoy it with a sweet Rose.

These are the basic steps to host a great indoor champagne picnic. You don't have to get the most expensive champagne you can get in order to have a quality picnic. You can even find renowned champagne brands at average prices online.